10th RunIceland anniversary edition - 1st/8th September, 2019

RunIceland is a great Trailrunning experience. Imagine volcanoes, glaciers, desert, lavafields, and black beaches as locations for five different stages!

Sign up and come to Iceland for this unforgettable experience!

The Event

RUNICELAND is organized by the W.W.P. ORGANIZATION in cooperation with Base Artica Ehf, Tour-Operator in Iceland. It's a Trail running experience.

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10th RunIceland 2019 Rules

Artilcle 1

The 10th edition of RunIceland (from here on R.I.) is organized by W.W.P. ORGANIZATION in cooperation with Base Artica Ehf.

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9th RunIceland 2018 Program

Sunday, September 2nd

Participants arrive in Iceland from their own countries. A preliminary meeting will take place in the hotel in the late afternoon. The transfer from and to the airport is not included.

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